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Celebrity Doctor Stunned: The 217 Test Subjects lost an average of 0.8lb Every Day With this "tropical Loophole"

How can it be that some people stay slim no matter what they eat and how much of it they eat while others count calories and diet just to gain weight slower. They never need to worry about eating 2 burgers and chocolate cake for dessert or feel a deep shame of not fitting into their favourite pants anymore. 

Scientist have been looking for answers to this phenomenon for decades and have now discovered a “tropcial loophole” that determines whether its even possible for you to lose weight or not. Yes, you read correctly, “its not a question of HOW much weight you can lose, but more IF you can effectively lose any weight at all” says Dr. Hullock, renowed specialist in fat tissue research.

And the answer to this lies weirdly enough in brown adipose fat. That is the only fat that can be burned at all and the more of it you have the easier its for you to burn fat and stay slim. This means slim people have a lot of it and fat people have only very very little of it but have therefore a lot of white fat which is almost “undestroyable”.

Fortunately a “tropical loophole” has been discovered that allows your body to transform your white fat tissue into brown adipose fat and so enable it to melt away like butter in a pan. And it works incredibly fast as well. All 217 women aged between 27 and 68 years have lost an average of 0.8lb every single day and an average total of 50lb over a test period of 62 days, confirms Dr. Hullock.

“Unlike any other methods this one doesn`t cost $12,000 and the process is fairly simple and anybody can do it at home”, says Dr. Hullock. 

Unfortunately though, the big pharma companies do not want this information to be accessible to the people and are at this very moment trying to delete it from the internet, including the following video. Even this article had been attacked as well, so you can count yourself lucky that you even get to hear about this.

It could be that this page will be deleted as soon as today and vanish, just like the video as well. So in order to learn how you can transform your excess white fat into brown fat and melt it off in a matter of weeks, click on the video below. 

Carol, 54 started 3 weeks ago and already lost 14lb

Natalie, 32 lost a total of 38lb so far

Alan, 41, sent this in yesterday. He lost 28lb