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These Two simple Proteins wipe away 10+ Years of aging from your face

Posted by: Dr. Nicole Heelings on 02/05/2022
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Nicole, 61 is a family dermatologist, married, and mother of 3 adult children who is passionate about alternative therapies that aim to treat the root cause of dermatological cases without the use of toxic pharmaceuticals or expensive and invasive procedures. She also admitted to secretly use the two nutrient formula herself to flatten out her own wrinkles.

New Harvard study reveals two protein formations that completely rejuvenate facial skin from the inside and how anyone can use this formula at home!

You have probably heard of the old saying before “you are only as old as you feel”. And you may have experienced too that there is nothing that makes a stronger point in telling you to feel old than a wrinkly face filled with crow`s feet and saggy eye bags. And with every new wrinkle you feel older and older, slowly losing your confidence, your charm and worst of all, your natural joyful glow. 

What had once been a happy and sexy face in the mirror that smiled back at you is now just uninspired looks and forced grins, if any at all. Sound familiar? Unfortunately this is how millions of women feel everyday!

And it’s only natural to feel that way…but not at all necessary! 

Because there are a few known ways to get rid of wrinkles again and restore your youthful appearance. And best of all, as you read on you will discover the two nutrients that can completely restore your youthful skin, stop and reverse the aging process on your face by turning on a small “age switch” inside your body.

Now, the most widely known long term treatments are of course botox therapies and face lift surgeries. The problem though is they are very expensive with botox costing about $400 per therapy, having to get one therapy session every 3-4 months and surgery starting at $8,500 going up to $20,000 and even more.

Image: botox therapy

Then there are creams, lotions and moisturizers, but since they are only short term solutions the bills can quickly match botox therapy bills. The main problem that all of these methods have in common though is, these procedures and skin care routines only treat the outside symptoms instead of the root cause that is hidden on the inside. 

A group of Harvard scientists have recognized this issue and after 4 years of research, only relatively recently discovered two amino acids in your body that are responsible for the youthful firm skin you see on 23 year olds. They are a type of peptides and are called signal peptides and neuro peptides. Their task is to tell your brain to produce more collagen, which is the substance that creates the layer directly underneath your skin to keep it supported, firm and smooth. 

With more collagen building up, your skin plumps up causing your wrinkles to get flattened out until your skin is smooth and firm again, just like in your twenties.

Image: before and after peptide absorption

Because the function of these signal and neuro peptides had been unknown until a few months ago no one had been looking for them in natural sources of course. Now that their true power is revealed researchers have found way how you can fast and easily get your hands on first class peptides and start restoring that youthful glow on your face.

Exactly how you can get by these powerful peptides is explained by my dear fellow doctor and personal hero Dr. Ryan Shelton in the following video. Just click the button below and watch the video and soon you will be able to watch your own wrinkles disappear revealing smooth, sexy and young looking skin.