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Cousin Trio Wins Prestigious Hair&Beauty Gold Award With Unique Shampoo

New 100% natural formula keeps your hair smoother and stronger 3 times longer than leading luxury shampoos; read on to take advantage of our readers-only offer and try your WOW Package completely risk free!

Image: Hair&Beauty Gold Award winners: Lizy Belleck (CEO), Helen Rudsworth & Sandy Schwarz

It was a lifelong dream for the three ambitious cousins to win a trophy for their own beauty product. And this June they have made that dream a reality by winning the Gold Award at the annual Hair&Beauty Awards Ceremony.

Their WOW™ Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and WOW™ Hair Conditioner is said to become Americas favourite hair care package. This is thanks to their worldwide unique formula that the jury and it’s 105.000 users are praising to the skies.

Though the exact formula is a strict secret only the trio shares, they agreed to reveal in rough numbers how their shampoo is more effective than luxury labels, while only costing as much as a tea bag a day.

To win the gold award the 3 girls claimed for themselves, the product must take first place in at least 3 categories. Their WOW™ Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo raced past the minimum requirement and won in a whopping 5 categories.

These categories were: Product Quality, Use of Natural Components, Smell and Texture, Hair Softness and Stability and last but not least Sustainability in Packaging and Manufacture.

“Not in a thousand years would we have thought that this dream would stick to us for this long and that it would actually come true. And yet here we are just 20 years later with a glamorous award and finished products of our WOW Skin Science right there”, laughs Lizy Fisher, pointing at the free bottles she brought to the interview for us.

The WOW™ Apple Cider Vinegar (APV) Shampoo + WOW™ Hair Conditioner Package surprised the jury with its ability to keep the hair strong and silky smooth for up to 3 times longer than leading luxury shampoos. 

What makes WOW™ Wow?

Most regular shampoos and even some luxury shampoos unfortunately have too many chemicals that dry out the scalp. This causes the skin to secrete more oils, which create oily dandruff. 

The WOW™ Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo brilliantly solves this problem by using a secret concentration of apple vinegar to gently wash away the oils and sweet almond oil to keep it moist even days after use. 

Then there is saw palmetto and nettle leaf extract which keep the scalp elastic and smooth, stopping build up of new dandruff. The argan oil that is unique to this shampoo gives your hair a “beautifully shiny glow that easily lasts 5 days. That is mainly because argan oil fills up all the micro-holes in your hair where it can’t get flushed off so easily”, explains Lizy proudly. 

Of course lets not forget about the, as Sandy calls it “conditioner with a consistency as soft as the fluffiest cloud and a scent of palm trees in heaven”. It provides your hair with an abundance of nutrients that keep it strong all the way to its tips to avoid split ends. These nutrients strengthen your hair from the inside and make it thicker and more voluuminous which “is especially for girls like me, with thinner and more fragile hair a complete gamechanger”, says Helen, running her fingers through her blond, thick hair.

What a WOW™ is made of

Image: Apple farming for production of apple cider vinegar

“One thing we all agreed on when we started this, was that the whole production and manufacture should be as environmentally friendly as possible and that all components must be natural and sourced from fair paid farmers. 

The packaging is made of 100% recycled materials that we get from a recycling plant just 18 miles in that direction”, says Sandy, pointing to a window next to her. 

She also explains that the apples are a Himalayan type, but are growing in the mountains of Wyoming to keep transportation distance to a minimum. “Another thing that was dear to my heart was, that we never use any components that need animal testing or use any animal products as so many other companies unfortunately do!”, adds Lizy. 

Try The WOW™ Package Now Risk FREE

“As a special thanks to the guys at Health Sector News, we would like to give you an opportunity to try out our package completely risk free for 60 days! If you love it, everybody is happy, if you don’t love it, we will return your money and you can keep the bottle as a thank you for trying it out. This offer applies to all first-time-customers. So if you are reading this and you have never tried our hair care package before, then we want to deliver you a package to your doorstep ASAP, shipping and handling costs covered.”

Love from the WOW team,

IMPORTANT: Due to the growing popularity of our shampoo and a small harvest last season it is likely that the stock may sell out any day now. Reserve your bottle now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Our Reader's Opinions

“I had oily, dull hair and itchy pesky flakes on my scalp for years, trying out countless different shampoos, some of which cost more than $110 a bottle. And none of them worked. They all had the same poison in them. Then I tried Wow and it just soothed my hair and scalp so much. I love it!”

Laura Sadil, Arizona


Because We Keep It Clean

I feel it has a nice effect on my hair, but I don’t like the texture of the shampoo that much, its too creamy for me. Also the delivery was 4 days late. Though they explained later it was due to high demand, it’s 3 stars from me.

Francis A., Colorado


“Amazing products, my hair never looked and smelled so nice for sooo long! Delivery was super fast and customer service reacted immediately after I jokingly asked them to refund my money. Used up the bottle yesterday…ordered new one instantly!”

Jenine B., Washington


“I gotta say, I love the smell and feel of my hair after using this Wow shampoo conditioner combo. Sometimes I just sit at the sofa and smell my hair and let it run through my fingers. Seriously you’ve got to try it!”

Luisa Kent, Colorado


“My instructors in barber school told me that and I have learned it myself after cutting hair for thousands of people: the Nr.1 most important thing for your hair is your shampoo. Unfortunately most people don’t know this and they mess up their hair by using wrong shampoos. That’s where I can absolutely recommend using Wow apple vinegar shampoo and their conditioner. It’s the best in my opinion!”

Allison Bridges, Arizona's Best Hair Dresser Gold Medal Winner


Readers-Only Special Offer

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