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Cosmetic Shops Experience "Rush Of A Lifetime" - Rejuvenating Cream Offering Free Trial Sells Out Within 4 Hours - Free Trial Now Available Down Below

A newly introduced facecream "flies off the shelves" in record time due to an overload of positive testimonials from online buyers and a first time offer with a completely free trial; Store managers from Bluemercury, Sabia and Mills Pharmacy left stunned; Facecream company now forced to retreat to online shop only; read on for your exclusive reader's only free trial offer down below.

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Image: Remainders of rejuvenating cream's free trial offer in a Sabia store

Four out of 17 stores in which the celebrated rejuvenating cream was being sold, reported that they had never experienced such a rush for a single product before. Or as Sabia store manager Allison J. from Austin reports: "it wasn't like black friday, but about 8 out of 10 women that came in asked right away for Juvli...some on the other hand just stormed for it, trying to overtake the women infront of them".

As the facecream was introduced to the stores on Friday, September 30th, the stocks of 34.000 jars only lasted about 4 hours before all 17 stores were sold out. This means that about 141 jars left checkout every single minute along with their happy new owners.

I interviewed the store manager, Caroline Becks, of a Bluemercury store in New York, about the recent rush for Juvli: “I knew already when setting up the display that people were gonna love it, after all many have, through us, their friends or you and your fellow online magazines, heard about Juvli’s next level rejuvenating power. But I still gravely underestimated the number of people that would come for Juvli…we could not keep up with refilling the shelves”, she says excitedly.

As we toured the store and she showed us the “scene of the crime” we brought up the question of why they would go along with such a risky offer, this is what she said: “It’s not our common practise to accept promotions like this since they can be risky offering something for free, but in case of Juvli we were confident that the people would love it so much that they would want to pay for it once the free trial ran out”.

To see what the big noise around Juvli is, I decided to try it out myself and Caroline was so kind to give me a jar on the house so I went right into it. 

I had always had some struggles with red freckled skin and stubborn eyebags so I applied it in these areas every morning. Just after a couple days I noticed that my eyebags would start to fade rapidly. Also my red spots and finer lines around my mouth area would start to disappear quite fast.

As for the consistency, smell and feeling I personally give it 5 out of 5 stars. The cream feels thick but lets itself spread very smoothly accross my skin. Once I’m done applying, my skin feels very firm and tight but on the surface weirdly nice and soft. 

But what does the company itself promise to it’s customers? Here are some performance evaluations of the Juvli hydrating and rejuvenating cream under laboratory conditions:

Image: Efficacy test for 30 day period (copyright © Healthsectornews Inc.)

But now to understand better why the cream works so well and get down to its roots (quite literally since some components stem from plant roots), we arranged a meeting and were invited to tour the factory with Juvli CEO Matthias Raskin and their chief science officer Prof. Dr. Brandon Smith.

“We love creating products that people are passionate about and that make them happier. Frankly we also enjoy being the ones making them happy so its not all selfless deeds what we are doing here”, says Dr. Smith giggling. 

Image: Dr. Brandon Smith and Matthias Raskin with the HSN team at production facility

When asked regarding their bold free trial offers Mr. Raskin answered: “We simply have faith in our product and in the honesty of our customers. We give them a cream we truly love and let them decide whether its worth the money we ask or not[…]the times of aggressive and persuasive marketing need to be replaced by transparent “what you see is what you get” practises.

In terms of product creation the Juvli team has gone above and beyond, sourcing only the best raw and natural ingridients. 

Image: farmers Milton Rayes and Louis Gonzàles at the Juvli farm in Arizona

“We grow our ingridients on local farms using 0 pesticides. This is not only for the protection of our environment but it is vital for the cream to work at all. See, pesticides kill the special proteins that actually do all the wrinkle flattening. Of course it’s difficult to sustain large crops without pesticides, but there are ways to do it. Unfortunately many companies still use a lot of them (pesticides) which decreases the potency of their products”, explains Dr. Smith.

Customer Reviews

Try Juvli 100% For Free!

We have become very good friends with Matthias (Raskin) and Brandon (Smith). Additionally our secretary and both our junior and senior editor have gone crazy for Juvli, which is why we have made an exclusive deal with Matthias to offer a 100% free trial, just like they did in the stores.

The team at Juvli has set up a webpage exclusively for you. But the free trial offer only counts for the first 1000 people to order a sample. When that mark is hit the free trial ends on this page. 

We only ask you to cover shipping and handling so hurry up before all 1000 orders have been made. Good luck!

Much love from the HSN Team,

Joey Fisher, CEO, Health Sector News

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Testimonials responsible for customer rush

“I have had these strong lines around my mouth since I turned 38 and I could never get them away. Now six years later I discovered Juvli and just weeks later they’re gone. Thank you!!!”

-Anita Suarez, New Mexico

“I love the texture and the smell of the cream. It makes my skin so soft yet firm. I feel like I’m in my college cheerleader years again”

-Hannah Brunn, Arizona

“I had always a more wrinkly skin but after turning 55 I felt like I just got 70. It totally messed with my mood. Then I found your Juvli cream on this news site and just days later my skin got better, so did my mood. Now i feel younger than ever!” 

-Christina H., New York City

“I’m a single mom with two kids and dating has become a real drag for the past year. Your cream really helped me boost my confidence and the men are finally turning their heads for me again!”

-Caroline Francis, New York

“Been usin your cream for 7 months now and I couldn’t be happier with it. So many wrinkles, gone, eyebags, almost gone, and my skin is super tight again. Just great!”

-Claudia Lizbell, Texas

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(973 /1000 Jars Claimed)