Patent Of Celebritie's Favourite Rejuvenation Cream Expired - Now For First Time Available To Public

Formerly only being sold exclusively to celebrities like Rita Moreno, William Shatner or Jessica Alba this unique all-in-one skincare formula now hit the public market. And we are happy to be one of the first to announce it with a special offer for our readers only: try it for 30 days, if you love it, everybody's happy, but if you don't, it's free and you can keep the jar! On top of that we at HSN chip in 25% for the first 100 orders.

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Image: Shelly Heirand holding a jar of Southbeachskinlab repair and release cream

The patent of a skincare formula which the previous maker mostly sold exclusively to celebrity actors, musicians and models is now available to everybody. Additionally the new rebranded formula has undergone 171 clinical tests and improvements so that now it will erase up to three quarters of your wrinkles and crows feet while keeping this effect twice as long as comparable creams.

But the best is only to follow. 

The company SouthBeachSkinLab (SBSL) which has bought the patent is now selling it for only a fraction of the previous price.

And on top of that they are offering to our readers an exclusive deal. You can try the product for 30 days. If you love it, everybody’s happy, if you don’t, it’s free and you can keep the jar as a thank you for trying it out.

Multiple clinical tests have shown that this new formula: 

Image: Efficacy test for 30 day period (copyright © Southbeachskinlab Inc.)

SouthBeachSkinLab CEO Frank Lurbank was kind enough to show us around the production facility along with his co-founder and chief science officer Dr. Ryan Shelton.

“We love creating products that people are passionate about and that make them happier. Frankly we also enjoy being the ones making them happy so its not all selfless deeds what we are doing here”, says Dr.Shelton giggling. 

Image: Dr. Ryan Shelton and Frank Lurbank with the HSN team at production facility

When asked regarding the acquisition of the patent Mr. Lurbank answered: “It was unfair to withhold these advancements in skincare science from the public, we wanted everybody to benefit from it. It’s similar to pharmaceuticals where big companies patent their inventions to keep the price of life saving medicine ridiculously high because they know people will pay the price to save a loved one. In all honesty it was financially appealing as well since we knew the power of the cream and how popular it would become. This is by the way also the only reason why we can afford to offer our money back guarantee at this price”.

In terms of product creation the SBSL team has gone above and beyond, sourcing only the best raw and natural ingridients. 

Image: farmers Milton Rayes and Louis Gonzàles at SBSL farm

“We grow our ingridients on local farms using 0 pesticides. This is not only for the protection of our environment but it is vital for the cream to work at all. See, pesticides kill the special proteins that actually do all the wrinkle flattening. 

Of course it’s difficult to sustain large crops without pesticides, but there are ways to do it. Unfortunately many companies still use a lot of them (pesticides) which decreases the potency of their products”, explains Dr. Shelton.

Image: Jessica Alba putting on predecessor cream of South Beach.

Here is Jessica alba putting on a predecessor product of this rebranded and improved cream by South Beach. 

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We Chip in 25% To your First purchase!

“We have become very good friends with Frank (Lurbank) and Ryan (Shelton). Additionally our secretary and both our junior and senior editor have gone crazy for their cream, which is why we would like to cover 25% of each of the first 100 orders of our special offering! 

The team at SBSL has set up a webpage exclusively for you and every sale, no matter if its one, two or three jars, accounts as one. When the 100 sales mark is hit, the offer automatically stops and is reset to its original price again. 

So that’s how it works: If you love it like our editors do, you get your jar for the discounted price. Should you not like it, it’s free and you can keep the jar as a thanks for trying. So get your cream risk free before the 100 orders mark is hit and try it out!

Much love from the HSN Team,

Joey Fisher, CEO, Health Sector News

IMPORTANT: Due to the growing demand for our cream it is likely that the stock may sell out any day now. Reserve your jar now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

– Frank Lurbank, CEO

Promotion ends when 100 orders have been made

84 /100 Orders

NOTE: This offer applies exclusively to a one time order of the South Beach SkinLab Repair and Release Cream

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We cover 25% of your order value if your order is among the first 100!

84 /100 Orders

NOTE: This offer applies exclusively to a one time order of the South Beach SkinLab Repair and Release Cream